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Anne-Sophie_smallAnne-Sophie is a wildlife biologist and pro-active nature conservationist, because above all, she loves Nature and acknowledges it as her Mother.

Mother Earth has all the answers we might need during our physical Life journey.

She started studying wildlife and she then ventured into human physiology and real nutrition.

Vegetarian when she left her parents’ home at 18, vegan since 2008 and raw vegan since 2011, Anne-Sophie’s health care program is healthy nutrition and grateful thinking because she believes prevention is much cheaper and more sustainable than resolution of a crisis, may it be physical or emotional.

Anne-Sophie has an energy-based concept of organic matter organization and dynamics. She has explored quantum physics and real nutrition ever since. She is passionate about optimum health to enhance the Human Experience.

Boutenko, Fry, Graham, Campbell, Dr. Alberto Peribanez, Cousens, Patenaude…

On top of all her readings on veganism, raw veganism and its implication health-wise, Anne-Sophie participated in the Russel James’ Raw Chef extensive course, and followed both modules of physiological bases of raw veganism with Dr. Alberto in Ribeiro Grande, SP, Brazil, in 2014 and 2015.

Given her actitivities, Anne-Sophie had to master high-frequency nutrition and therefore gained tremendous experience. Can you picture what you should eat to go through a 15-km crawling session in the tropical forest carrying a 10-lbs backpack with limited water supplies?

She learned to be strong and flexible, no matter what. And it is much simpler than you may think!

Anne-Sophie has been working with the public since 2008 when she started to produce and teach how to make vegan goods in order to promote nutritional awareness. Ever since, she’s helped young mothers to adequately meet their kids’ nutritional needs without animal-based products or industrial goods; she has helped people to overcome chronic diseases; she helped sporty ones to reach their goals; she has helped people to become more sustainable in their lifestyle; she has helped to regain balance and harmony in their lives.

If you would like to benefit from Anne-Sophie’s holistic health coaching, get in touch with her by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it now!


How to be raw vegan with no money or time and in this world?

Let`s see how we can live a happy healthy life in this little world. Realization: Tiago Negrão. Special participation: Alexsandra Cordeiro.

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